Flex Hectic!

The Flex Hectic preview is available in the iBooks app on the Mac and iPad... I haven't quite figured out why it's not on the iPhone yet but oh well!

If you don't have a Mac or an iPad then don't fret because if you are nice to me I'll probably reveal all the spoilers for each upcoming issue anyway just because I like you!

I have been under the weather recently so I have not gone all in with the promotions but knowing me any lost time will eventually be made up ASAP! Lol

Included in the issues will be a bunch of stuff specially prepared for a digital comic with all the capabilities that a handheld or desktop computer can accomplish!

I'm not sure if I'm the first comic creator to do this but if I am then everyone after me is automatically my "sons" by Hip Hop standards so call me daddy as a bonafide father of a new style!

For those of you Mac enabled just do a search for the name Flex Hectic and BOOM out no where it should appear... The preview download is free but everything after that will cost you but don't worry I'll keep it in the priced to sell range since it's not in print form!

For some strange reason that guy named Ronald T. Jones gets some type of writing credit so look forward to me and him eBeefing like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby over who came up with what, when and where!

This has been a long time in the making and I'm very excited about tomorrow and whatever that brings...

During the making of this project I had been sitting on theme songs, voiceovers and other neat to eat treats and along the way some persons who had assisted me way back when even passed away under strange circumstances so they will be remembered and honored for their help and commitment to this cause!

Although there is still work to be done it will be added in as we go along because Flex Hectic will be something unlike anything that you ever read, watched or joined in on... Besides in this day and age you update as well as upgrade things to make them better! (hint hint George Lucas remastering Star Wars and whatnot)

With that said I would like to thank peeps like my good friend Ronald T. Jones, Master Artist Mshindo (aka Mystic Dark), Kirb Brimstone and many others for their longstanding patience with me... Like DAYUM NEGRO it's about time GEEZ!!!

And of course a special thanks to Jarvis Sheffield which gets the honor of me going public first with this announcement on his site before I TROLL hard on all the other forums... BRO you are the best and an inspiration to us all even the Haters have to bow down to you by default!

BSFS dot com for Life!

With that said I will be in and out on the threads as I ram through creative block after creative block or basically have nothing else better to do!

Sincerely Your Brother From Another Mother

iThomas Harris

Flex Hectic

P.S. Did it really take this long... I should be flogged severely for my tardiness!!!

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