Hey family,

For any writers out there that want to increase your networking in the SFF/horror short story and novel industry, you may want to think about joining Codex.  There's a bunch of cool folks there, neo-pros and people that have been in the industry for a minute.  They talk about the art and science of writing, warn each other about potentially bad markets to stay away from, encourage each other to keep pushing and compete against each other in seasonal writing contests and a whole slew of other stuff.  I say "they" but I've actually been a member for years.  I swear by them; I feel joining them was one of those fundamental steps that helped propel me to where I'm consistently selling to pro venues.

Enough salesmanship!  Check them out here.  I hope to see some of your faces in there, family.

I'll be popping in sporadically to see if anyone has questions that the FAQ can't answer.  I say sporadically because, hey, No Man's Sky!

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