Tesla Roadster Price tag: $109,000 (base price) Normally cars give you a simple choice: You can be politically correct but plodding, as with the Toyota Prius. Or you can go very, very fast and burn through so much fossil fuel that Sarah Palin will start drilling on the North Slope just for you. Tesla’s sports car represents a third way. It’s 100 percent electric, goes from zero to 60 in less than four seconds and can travel nearly 250 miles on a single charge. (Or so the Tesla Motors people say on the company's home page. But beware: The page is peppered with so many asterisks that it looks like a snowstorm.) Of course, a skeptic might wonder where all of that electricity -- during peak acceleration, enough to power 2,000 incandescent light bulbs -- is coming from and how clean it is to produce. But at the speeds a Tesla can travel, you won’t have time for such concerns.

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