Gas Stations Are So Last year!

In my inner circles most people who know me well know that after my character Flex Hectic stacks those big chips my dream cars are either a fully loaded Black Edition Godzilla (Nissan GTR for the uninitiated) or the silver metallic Ironman (Audi R8 fool what)!

Yeah sure there are Porches, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and Big Body Bentley's but the Nissan smokes most if not all of them off the line 0-60 mph and the Audi looks like it was built to straight ram into those super cars just to make a point!

However, due to recent developments like gas prices all over the place I am heavily leaning towards getting one of those Tesla cars with the electric motors...

Once upon a time me and the wife had a Land Rover Discovery that sucked gas like a drunkard trapped in a winery overnight and as soon as that thing was traded in for something less thirsty and lower maintenance suddenly we had extra money in the pocket... Imagine that!

An apartment was switched out for a house and solar panels are being considered by the same person that brought us Tesla Motors Elon Musk of Solar City and Paypal fame!

As technology changes and advances I feel like a fool every time I pump gas in the hot sun knowing that all that solar fuel is wasted around me... As a melanin enhanced black man I can relate to this on a whole other level!

A few of my sons classmates parents have Tesla's and being the father that mandates road trips from Los Angeles to San Diego, Las vegas or Grand Canyon every now and then It's starting to get old stopping for fuel knowing that I am one spark away from going up in flames like a Michael Bay movie gone wild!

The Tesla Model S up close looks like a true luxury car and is quite swift for an electric vehicle so the days of the not so hot looking Toyota Prius are numbered!

The new Model X with the Falcon Wings is calling a brotha out by name with it's all wheel drive and SUV size capacities... The Nissan Godzilla and the Audi Ironman have all wheel drive so I can get my rally car on HINT HINT!

One these babies needs to show up somewhere with spinning rims and candy painted trim... FRAK IT just pimp my ride and be done with it since I'm saving so much money on gas!

Although slacking in the aftermarket Fast and The Furious department It's only a matter of time before the right Rapper or celebrity endorses these cars and makes them desirable to random consumers... Put that thang on bouncing hydraulics and make it twerk a bit like Miley Cyrus! Lol

Of course there is some blockage and Hatorade from the other automobile manufacturers trying to prevent this through political actions but I believe that as Tesla pushes forward with their agenda that other start up electric car companies will rise like Hyundai did after the Rodney King endorsement video went viral! Lol

Once Tesla fills out their roster with at least four more car choices and others start to compete seriously with better electric vehicles it will not only change the very face of gas stations as a whole but the automotive industry itself!

For some the reasons for an electric car could be to save the planet from global warming and for others it could be to have a plug and play vehicle that ditches the gas station experience for something without the fuel odors... I'm a little bit of both!

Tesla is setting up more and more electric charging stations through the U.S. and Europe making long road trips possible for the adventerous!

Add solar power to the mix and you might get around to not paying for anything in the long run except for brakes and tires... And snacks but you knew that already! 

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