George Lucas Is Ghetto!

To make up for the Jar Jar Binks debacle not only did George Lucas marry a black woman and produce the movie Redtails he also is building "affordable" housing in an upper class neighborhood...

Skywalker Ranch will henceforth be known as Skywalker Projects!

This means that everybody and they momma from Ewoks to hoodrats can now fall off up in da club at these "reasonably" priced housing units... Intergalactic bounty hunters now have a place to hide out in!

Soon it will be okay to release Gangsta (C)rap music claiming Skywalker Projects as the hardest hood in America... Especially with all them sand people roaming around robbing cats of they land speeders and whatnot! Lol

Note: Mrs. Lucas is putting it on dude something fierce because he is no longer a white guy at this point!  (smile)

George Lucas For The Win... Whatchoo got Spielberg!!!

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