I REALLY, REALLY wanted to hate this movie but I couldn't. Is it perfect HELL @#$% NO, is it stupid, Yes stupid as HELL and I loved it. :Spoiler #1: why HOLLYWOOD why is it that you cant stick to a original script or story every body knows. Every one who grew up in the 80's and late 90's and the 2000 era knows the basic concept of JOE AND COBRA. The animated GI JOE MOVIE from the late 80's set the JOE bar real high with COLOBIUS, NEMISE ENFORCER AND THE COBRALA CLAN. So why HOLLYWOOD DID YOU GIVE US A FAMILY FUED WTF?. Spoiler #2: SNAKE EYES is the most iconic GI JOE charcter ever, WHO IS THE MOTHER @#$%$ that decided to but a mouth on him. This man needs to be shot, For this film SNAKE EYES COSTUME DID WORK EXCEPT FOR THE LIPS. THE MAN IS A DEATH NINJA WHO NEEDS NO LIPS , HOLLYWOOD TOOK A KICK @#$ SOLIDER AND MADE HIM LOOK STUPID. Spoiler#3: the actors hired for this film some of them work some of them don't. Marlon wayans was not that bad, He did the black B-boy thing but he was not that bad so don't blame him for the movies shortcomings. spoiler #4: Some of the special effects for the costumes and war machines came right off the sci fi channel set.Now for the good stuff, this movie is harsh when it comes to warfare and combat GI JOE has carnage and collateral damage. people, combatants and civilians get hurt in this film. Property gets destroyed, No one uses a parachute or jumps before the mssle hits they just get it. The action is over the top and cartoon but it was better then terminator and transformers. The story could have been done better. The only story that was solid and made Sense was the SNAKE EYES/STORM SHADOW ARC. If you throw common sense , logic and GI JOE HISTORY OUT THE WINDOW ITS A OK MOVIE.

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