Hello everyone,

Just writing to introduce myself. I've been writing sci-fi and fantasy since I was seven years old. Now I'm 44 and very ready to see an end to my bizarre run of day jobs and the beginning of publishing success.

I'm not black, except in the sense that all humanity originates in Africa. My beautiful wife Natalie is an Egyptian-American. I have spent most of my life at odds with the light-skinned people that I resemble and working as an ally to black, brown and indigenous people, as well as sexual and gender minorities, in academia, government and non-profits.

I have a developed SFF universe (two completed novels and the first one, a 700-page mess of a draft!) with Afrofuturist elements at the high-tech end. The Dahami are an extremely ancient, long-lived, extraterrestrial race of black ("mainstem") humans who are responsible for planting human genetics throughout the galaxy. They live in a highly ethical and socialistic society that nonetheless suffers from certain problems, including rigid assignment of careers (based on their advanced genetic knowledge) and science that might be going a little too far.

I've had trouble placing this material in mainstream (white!) SF markets so I'm hoping to find an audience here. 


Jason MacCannell (pen name: J. F. Meskimen)

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