High Tech Motorcycle Gang!

The Tesla of motorcycles...


Just what the doctor ordered an electric motorcycle to cure my midlife crisis!

Also the iPad of motorcycle helmets...


If it wasn't for wifey and moms and them I would have gotten my motorcycle license years ago so as soon as Ronald moves out here to Los Angeles I'm hiding these at his house under the guise that I am going over there to play Xbox or toy soldiers... Back me up Ronald I'm good for it! Lol

Both look cool and without a combustible engine to vibrate the machine the motorcycle was given great reviews by none other than Jay Leno...


The helmet looks like something that can be used even by fighter pilots or just chilling in the man cave wearing it like a multi platinum rapper with way too much time and money on his hand!

Paintball applications should be on the horizon assuming that the military is already ahead of the game with this technology in simulated training!

When they make an interactive armored motorcycle suit to go along with these I'm in...

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