So I have a friend that DOES support my business and other black businesses issue me a challenge. He did not believe that I could get 25 Black Business owners to participate in my advertising deal because he says we don't KNOW HOW to support each other on a large scale. So we developed this challenge. Now my goal is to get us supporting the people we know first then move out from there. Spread the love and support someone you know!!!

I'm going to recycle my advertising deal but this time I'm going to add in a guarantee that should make business owners feel a little more secure! So you will get 150 radio ads on all 3 of our online radio stations (Gospel, Talk & Urban) content permitting, 50 ads on our online TV and 12 ads during our Black College Sports Broadcast per month for 9 months all for $300!!! Here is the guarantee if by the end of month 4 you haven't gotten at least 7 Clients from us or you haven't made at least half of what you paid us ($150) we will REFUND you $150 and STILL give you 3 more months of advertising!!! Conditions will apply!

I believe in what I am doing that much that I will put my money where my mouth is! Do you believe in your product or service enough to do the same? Inbox or email me for details on my deal and tag, share and challenge people you know! PLEASE SHARE AND CHALLENGE OTHERS TO YOUR BUSINESS-THEN SUPPORT OTHERS!!!

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