I'm working on a post apocalyptic story currently and it's set in an alternate universe Earth, 100 years after some major catastrophe (disease? asteroid strike? war?) has occurred on the planet that wiped out 90% of the world's population. There's about 4-5 continents. Descendants of the survivors have been around for about 2-3 generations. Some of them have moved into one of the few remaining cities to rebuild while others are farmers and ranchers. The technology is kind of a mishmash of remnants of we would consider 21st century technology and 18th century things.

For example, you would see guards with swords and bows right next to a mercenary cowboy with a six shooter and think nothing of it. A daily newspaper is printed, and you see an occasional operational telephone booth and a few small cars that still run. 

My main characters are black. But I wanted to have some asians and hispanics and a few white people as well. How can I describe them properly? Remember, in this world there is no America, no Europe, no Asian countries, etc. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions on what are good general words and phrases to use to describe different ethnicity that make sense (and aren't politically incorrect?) They have had slavery and their version of Jim Crow already, but few racists.

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