How to save (Lighting) cost

  •  I just found a lighting solution for reasonable pricing that eliminates the inconsistency of green screen fade - SMOKING

  • I think that new price is going to be killer but about a year plus in this will be the way to go three or four of these and you are on target for faux green screen with ideal solutions perfect for white off white and gray walls, take a look when you get a moment 

Use this idea for easy lighting issues in a small indoor space and it comes off well (I suggest that 4 can easily fill 36X60 square or linear)  for around $300 per unit including a single set of Gel Packs

If you are doing it on the cheap either use the "theater" or "diffusion pack" for best results. If your budget allows for more get all three packs and live large but it will bring your cost closer to $400 per unit. Keep in mind novice lighting folks this works from floor up as well as from elevated to floor by turning it upside down. 

Here is the step up toy and I want four of these ASAP as they have only been marketed for less than 45 day at this writing I am having trouble sourcing them but I am on it and should have some by Halloween from FOLIGHT comes the CYCLIGHT! I will let the video do the talking and you can extrapolate your own finding from there as how to best utilize this new ground breaking repurposing of a good idea     CycLight-001

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