I Sold Out!

What makes someone a sell out?As a former black militant I often had a certain perspective about what an actual Uncle Tom was.As I have grown over the years that ideology has changed preferably with the times.Often someone is considered a sell out if they take a government position or work for a white owned company.There are also those who are called sell outs for their activity with various civil rights movements by seperation preaching militants.Even among black militants there are accusations of selling out if certain persons are not necessarily hardcore or soften a bit in their pro black stance.If a black person marries outside of their race they can be labeled as a sell out.In my limited experience upon planet earth I have calculated and reasoned that a sell out is someone who specifically goes way out of there way to block black progress.Even if a person married white or took a government position does not mean that they have turned their back on black unless they turned around and attacked their own people while doing so.Sometimes what one may consider to be a sell out may actually be the best representation of us as a culture by diplomatic default... Ambassadors so to speak.On that note... Am I a sell out for raising this issue?

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