This odessey began when my reluctant reader needed a book for his English class. He just doesn't like to read, he'd rather play hockey, so it was hard, but I finally convinced him to check out "Tunnel in the Sky" by Robert Heinlein. (The main character, Rod, is Black, but you have to read in context of the era to figure it out.)


Then I started searching for more teen and young adult books featuring protagonists of Color. Oh my, what a wasteland!


So I started this little website,, with the books that I'm familiar with or that i already own, to try to help other parents, caregivers, teachers, homeschoolers, etc. to find books for young people. However, honestly, I'm not up on all the latest books, especially e-books, and it's a HUGE project.


I'd like to invite authors to add their published works to my website. And please, constructive criticism, submissions of your favorite books and short synopsis or book reviews are more than welcome.


This website is meant to encourage teens to read (by whatever means necessary) and provide a resource for their parents to locate books.


Thank you very much,




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