Identified by 'Brainprints'

In the Future We’ll All Be Identified by Our 'Brainprints'

In the Future We’ll All Be Identified by Our 'Brainprints' Written by SARAH EMERSON CONTRIBUTING EDITOR April 18, 2016 // 03:56 PM EST COPY THIS URL Have you ever encountered an innovation in science that just forces you to think, “Damn, we really are living in the future”? Well, a new breakthrough in human “brainprints” is about as futuristic as it gets. Whether or not it leaves you distressed, excited, or a healthy combination of the two is completely up to you. A team of psychology and computer engineering professors at Binghamton University was able to successfully match test subjects to their uniquely identifying brain waves—or, brainprints—with 100 percent accuracy.

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