While ISIS, Russia, Al Qeada and them are tripping over which regime will be the next Darth Vader style fascist of the week in the middle east, Israel is working their magic amidst all those sandstorms and doing it real big...



So while dodging random terrorist missiles if you are visiting Tel Aviv you can get your Star Wars on and ride something futuristic while everybody else is scrambling to see which section of sand they can reign over!

Considering what is going on over there this is impressive because it can show what can be accomplished during conflict even when the whole world might turn against you at a moments notice!

As Black folks we can do it real big here or in Africa which just a little imagination and fortitude if we take whatever is going on in our lives and focus it in our work like Lando Calrissian...


Then again...


So whether there are bombs going off, threats of invasion or random acts of Hatorade Israel proves that you can still be creative and inventive in the most trying times of your life!

The best things to do during times of catastrophic destruction is create... So ignore the automatic weapons firing in da hood, the 300 mph hurricane winds tossing buildings back and forth and the occasional white sheets burning crosses on your front and lawn and keep creating!

The only cure for destruction is creating...

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