Hey, guys. Just wanted to showcase my book. Although last minute to post, the Kickstarter is ending in a few days, October 25th but if able, please check it out, support, share it along. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Is'nana the Were-Spider is a coming of age, horror-fantasy graphic novel series about the son of Anansi, the Spider God of Stories, who is looking for his own place in the world while having to live up to his father's legacy. Him and his father must team up to stop creatures of chaos and horror from other realms while trying to bond.

Below is some art from the book!

The book is also an exploration of Black folklore and mythological characters that don't usually get spot lighted in comics.

New readers can also pledge for tiers to get copies of Vol 1, which is currently sold out and have garnered great reception and reviews, to catch up to the story. There are both physical copies and digital. Hopefully you guys are interested in checking in out!


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