Is Pluto Still A Planet?

I sent my iPhone into space on January 19, 2006 and it finally reached Pluto which promptly took a selfie of itself and texted the images back to me... Oh wait iPhones weren't even invented back then my bad! Lol


Now that the New Horizon has snapped a few pics Pluto can now officially fall under the category of "Observational Science" and we can see what we can see!

What is always amazing about the study of astronomy is that unlike microbiology it's difficult to use the same measurements through a telescope as one would use for a microscope!

You can't actually place a whole planet on a slide and dissect it for proof of any assumptions one can make beforehand!

Just as Pluto was once called a planet and then downgraded to planetoid status this recent event can help shed some light on this mysterious "object" as more data is collected!

Some theories might be proven while others might have to be tossed to the wayside as further analysis dictates!

Pluto: "Get these paparazzi off my front lawn!"

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