You know...At some point we are gonna hafta talk about this shitt.I'm serious.Because every time I turn around my black folk wanna complain when some rush limbaugh or mike richards shitt jump off.But we never talk about breaking free of the mental prison white religion holds us in.This is probably single-handedly one of the major keys to our financial freedom.Because that's what people are talking about when they say "let's get free".You gotta be specific these days.Because uncle toms done beefed up their defense of massa's burning house.So now you gotta anticipate the weak shitt, they'll say.As a film for The Crusades 2010, The Book of Eli is a great commercial.Naw but for real tho.The film was paced to perfection.Denzel did his thing although they didn't ask for much from him.Well at least no explosive scenes.Just subtleties here and there.Which he nails with ease.By the way, don't forget this is by the OGs that did Menace II Society and From Hell, The Hughes Brothers.So where was I?Oh yeah, the pacing, the premise.A man on mission with a book.A bit of a twist at the end.Some fights scenes.Shootouts.'Splosions.All was on point.But you sitting there once you realize it and you like, what the hell? Did I just walk into church?And it's kinda shocking because you mighta thought that they didn't do it so brazenly like this anymore.So all in all if you are a churchgoer, grab a couple friends and go see this and you'll love it!If you like action and sci fi you might like it too, but you'll wish you didn't hafta deal with the heavy handed religious message. And it'll make you feel cheated or fooled. Like you got duped into walking into a sermon.But worst of all -- again -- they never show or tell what happened to cause the apocolypse.This is all I ask for.I wanna know who let the zombies out?Where was you when the bombs went off?How did you survive?Was it hot? Was it really bright?No dice.They ain't say none of that.Still the flick was alright. Just Churchy.Which leads me to my biggest problem of all: when are we gonna shake this shitt?Seriously.How damaging is it to a people when another people tell them that they and their religion are their god?And you don't look like them?I'm sorry.You can't complain about racism and accept this. Because it's the silent, subconscious component that perpetuates racism.Yo in the movie, there's a scene where a guy is like we lost everything but we restored some mozart some shakespeare and now you brought us a king james bible. (?!?!?!)Yo the world don't start in no flippin western europe.This is not the only place greatness comes from.It's sickening to see these crusades and to not see people stand up against them.But barring the religious overtones, Eli was

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