I recently released a Paranormal Romance New Adult novel, that has some thriller, horror and erotic elements. It's New Adult, so the characters are college aged. New Adult gets a bad wrap for a number of reasons, but I do my best to avoid some of the tropes people don't enjoy(lack of diversity, slut shaming, etc.).

Wander This World, my novel in question is about 48,000 words. It's professionally edited and formatted, and has gotten a few good reviews, but I'd like to gain more, regardless if they're as good as those reviews.

The female main character is Black, but both the protagonists are of color. I should also mention, the female MC is pansexual and non-binary, so if you prefer a traditional heroine, you may not find it in this particular character.

I'm attaching the book cover, blurb and amazon link below, but any one interested can DM me, and I'll send you a copy. It's also on Netgalley, for those who have it. But if your approve rate isn't high, I can still send it to you, as long as you can review it on Amazon within 2-3 weeks =)



Some people are just attracted to darkness…

Penley thought he had his life figured out. So why does his world turn upside down when Melanie Blue walks back in it?

Melanie’s lived a thousand lives--possibly taken even more. Targeted by serial killer, she’ll find she has more to worry about than resisting own her nature.

When Penley and Melanie’s path collide, they’ll find that want and need often lead to the same thing.

Will Melanie lose everything when she meets her match?

*This is a Standalone New Adult I/R Paranormal Romance. It contains material of a sexual nature, strong language and disturbing imagery that might triggers readers.

Netgalley Link: https://s2.netgalley.com/catalog/book/89316

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Wander-This-World-G-L-Tomas-ebook/dp/B01F0GEASG/

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