I am looking for reviews of the novel DREAMING IN THE PIT, the first book in the trilogy planned by the author, Everett Deane. This first novel spans a few genres: 

Fantasy / Urban Fiction; Noir; Thrillers / Suspense


If interested in reviewing this novel, contact me at: lee.re719@gmail.com. I will then arrange for free access to a reviewers pdf copy of the on Dropbox or Goggle Docs, whichever file sharing platform you prefer.


Title: Dreaming in the Pit


Author name: Everett Lloyd Deane


Author bio: Everett emerged from a family of storytellers, musicians and book lovers. In libraries, Everett discovered a deep love for mythic stories, science, technology and the power of imagining, “What if...?”.


Publisher: Bironel Studios Press


Page count:  743


ISBN: 9780990805519


Publication date: 01/2015 (End of the Month)


Synopsis: Three woman: one dark destiny. Karima Jenkins: high school dropout; landlord; retired assassin. Troy Ocasio Lui: independent business woman; best friend; former mob boss. Sienna Ruth Joffe: math major; public high school teacher; lesbian; victim. Can they survive the specter that awaits them with fortitude and sincerity, in a city dreaming in the pit? 

Author contact information: deane.Everett219@gmail.com

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