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Lite Hyppo Entertainment, LLC (LHE) is the parent company of a diverse catalogue. Projects include a book, a film, and a 2013 spring toy line release in the children’s toy market with Key Knows. LHE is owned by husband and wife team Cholis and Stephen Henry. They are two South Florida Superheroes who are redefining their community. Located in the Hollywood/Miami area, the Henrys have an ambition plan which includes providing jobs for their community.

They for their goals in an old fashion manner. They save their money, pay cash for company expenditures, and work to make things happen. LHE also has a campaign on Soon their altruistic efforts will pay off in their community. The Superhero Rewards Campaign’s literacy initiatives are all about opening doors for altruists. South Florida, you won’t have to look far to find acts of altruism in your neighborhood.

LHE is determined to use its company ingenuity to help South Florida residents using their Key Knows brand. In its development stage, Key Knows offers a spin on the friendship bracelet. This campaign will target children ages 5 and up. SRC encourages everyone to be a hero in someone’s life. The Henrys have taken this charge to heart with their LHE campaigns.

Your local artists and businesses provide more than a service. They define the quality of life where you live. You can do your part. Superheroes Rewards Campaign wants to help you get involved. LHE wants to see a change in their community. Make a difference.
Artists and community businesses provide more than a service. They define the quality of life where you live. You can do your part by participating Superheroes Rewards Campaign. Get involved. Change a life. Help LHE change in their community.

Look up LHE on their face book page Lite Hyppo Ent. Key Knows. Or use the contact information below:
Lite Hyppo Entertainment
4110 SW 21 St
West Park, FL 33023

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