Movers and Shakers: Mount Everest

Mount Everest has moved to a new location... Well not exactly! Lol

That could only mean that the dragon Smaug has got to go...


It's amazing how such large land masses can be moved or displaced in such a short amount of time as easy as an afterthought of did I leave the refrigerator open last night!

29,000 feet of rocky mountain range shifting like a giant breakdancer on steroids is the tallest mountain...

Mauna Kea: "Slow your roll there son I be the illest and the realest mountain on planet earth!"

Mount Chimborazo: "Oh it's like that huh!"

Mount Kilimanjaro: "Holla at yo boy over here don't be hating because I'm in Africa doing it real big!"

New islands appearing out of no where and now large mountains being shifted by mere 7.8 magnitude earth quakes... Hmmm

Planet Earth... To quote Master Yoda "much to learn we still have" 

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