Here is a list of some of the things that I would like to see on the show...

Sophia Stewart - Either she got paid for The Matrix or she did not there seems to be conflicting reports on this matter and it is time for the Mythbusters to put in some work and prove this once and for all! This always rears it's head every other full moon and needs to be put to bed with a Forbes list most wealthy showing or an excessively large tax sheet! If she is not pushing at least an S-class by now then I will still have my doubts!

Malanin - With so many black folks claiming that this is one of the secrets to our strengths it's time for the Mythbusters crew to experiment on dark black and light skinded' black people and see who has rhythm and who does not... Plus I'm tired of my dark skinned African wife throwing the Ethiopian and Kenyan marathon runners in my face as if that matters over football and basketball! 

Bruce Lee - At many martial arts websites there is back and forth disputes about whether Bruce could actually fight in the ring against world class champion athletes with no movie script and nothing but a title belt on the line... This way all the chit chat about speed and power could be examined down to the very last pound per square inch and reveal what was real and what was more circus acts! Of course Bruce Lee is dead but that does not mean you can't measure the type of kicks and punches as was shown on Fight Science and calculate what the upper limit possibilities are from each strike is for a man of any particular size, strength or flexibility! 

Good Hair - I mean how many Spike Lee joints have to be interrupted with a weave versus an afro debate before we determine what really is good hair? Afros puffs and conked straight hair must be placed under a microscope and have various corrosive elements to it to see if they can take the heat! Finger waves and S curls will be factored into the trials as well!

Whit Men Can't Jump - Even though I don't dribble very well with my left hand I have witnessed me getting picked over some white dudes that can in fact ball better! Various white males from the hard court to the heartland will be gathered up and tested for vertical as well as lateral movement to see if they can or cannot jump high or make that save just before the ball bounces out of bounce! 

Black Comic Books Don't Sell - With Marvel and DC canceling black super hero comics left and right and various independent black comics not knocking the doors off the hinges yet it is time to find out if this is a sales and marketing problem or a racial problem! The Mythbusters must place well illustrated and great written black comics in key locations to see if there are potential consumers somewhere in the world for black super heroes!

Administrator - Is this dude real or are we all in The Matrix asleep dreaming that BSFS actually exists? The Mythbusters must show evidence that this dude is not an automated electronically controlled website maker! 

That's my list post yours...

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