The 2018 release of "World Economic Meltdown 2.0: The Simple Guide to Protecting Your Money" is now scheduled for a FREE promotion on from 12-09-18 to 12-13-18. Go to to receive Your Free Copy!

DESCRIPTION:Want to understand what causes financial crises so you can protect your nest egg? Learn more about the global economy to prepare yourself for what’s coming. Does the crash of 2008 still give you nightmares? Want to stay ahead of future collapses? Rogue economist Khafra K. Om-Ra-Seti can help you do just that. After studying global finance for decades, his revolutionary take on the economy may be just what you need to keep you ahead of future monetary danger. World Economic Meltdown is a revealing guide to what happened before, during, and after the 2008 crisis. Inside, you’ll learn to unravel the lasting impact of the questionable actions central bankers and governmental bodies took following the collapse. While wealthy elites and institutions may have benefited most from the so-called bailouts, Om-Ra-Seti’s understanding and strategy shares how when the next disaster rears its head, you can keep yourself safe. In World Economic Meltdown you’ll discover:

- How to get out of debt and guarantee your financial security

- Why the government doesn’t help average Americans and how to protect yourself

- How to prepare for the next economic crisis, so you come out on top

- A glossary of terms to help you get the most out of every page

- How to make the global economy work for you, and much, much more!

World Economic Meltdown is your personal guidebook for understanding and leveraging global finance. If you like hard-hitting analysis, easy-to-grasp examples, and a fresh take on dollars and cents, then you’ll love Khafra K. Om-Ra-Seti’s essential handbook.

NOTE: If you want to understand what is happening in the global economy and if we are heading for another major meltdown similar or greater than 2008, read this book! Pick up a FREE copy during the free promotion days: December 9, 2018 to December 13, 2018. Also, please consider leaving a review on Amazon; each review helps to raise the level of awareness and reader interest in the book.  

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