New Webcomic Launching!

Greetings, BSFS friends!

For those of you who supported us at Mechacon, we cannot thank you enough. Turnout was modest, but we press on to get our names out in the open and make this comic a smashing success! Of course, a major step to doing that is to have a comic in the first place. 

Well, the wait is (practically) over, because Wild Space Saga has launched its site!

The link is as follows:

Wild Space Saga

At the moment, we have a placeholder featuring our logo to begin, and we're rousing interest. But by next week, the first true page will be released in our preview arc, "Finish What You Start." This will introduce some mainstays in the comic, as well as the Gestalt Tournaments, which I'm certain mecha fans will love. I haven't the words to say how excited and downright scared I am, but for better or worse, it's finally happening! Get ready for a long-running, gunslinging, wild-west-in-space adventure trilogy that will amaze and inspire fans for years to come! Look forward to some more exciting news, and to one and all, follow the Northwest Passage!

-Brandon Hill

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