Njinga, Queen of Angola

Njinga, Queen of Angola is an essential film to see, and despite having excellent production very few people throughout the African Diaspora have had a chance to view this amazing film. Njinga, Queen of Angola also known as Njinga, Rainha de Angola is the story of the Warrior-Queen Nzinga Mbemba of Ndongo and Matamba. He film was debut in Angola, August 19, 2012 and released in theaters November 29th, 2013. 

The riveting history of Angola and history of Njinga, the Queen of Angola is a epic story for the quest of African Independence from European colonial rule. The film tells the history of Angola and the life of a warrior-Queen from the Kingdoms of Ndongo and Matamba who fought a 40 year war against the Portuguese for her peoples Independence. The story begins in 1617, the year Njinga father King Kilwanji dies. The campaign to be recognized as a sovereign territory begins when the Portuguese army advances in the territory of Ndongo with the sole purpose of enslaving the people to work on sugar plantations in Brazil. 

The film has been turned into a five episode mini-series for television and has been aired on Angolan public channel. Let’s spread the word about this critical film! 

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