NUKE the digital application/software

I can write pages and pages on this software and i would still not get across what I intend to teach you about it.

If you are working with a "digimat" artist or you are trying to figure out how to give your low budget project a professional three dimensional feel and look while working in blue screen. This a short answer, with long term success and save time in rendering. 


Wiki definition of NUKE by The Foundry 

Here is the best explanation and definition of what it takes to get 300f of video gold 

This is by no means a complete answer to the question but it shows you how to get it done 

Oh! By the way did I tell you that The Foundry has made a non-commercial version of NUKE available to you for free to help you get your legs under you 

The more you know the less you will be confused about how it works. I will admit this the more you look behind the curtain to know how the magic is done you will be less amazed. 

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