Octavia Butler Essay Collection

Octavia Butler essay collection

full name / name of organization: 
Martin Japtok and Rafiki Jenkins
contact email: 
mjaptok@palomar.edu; jjenkins@palomar.edu

We invite essays on any aspect of Octavia Butler’s multi-faceted work, from her continued exploration of the topics of domination, slavery, symbiosis, and exploitation, to her ecological vision, to her exploration of gender systems, to genre considerations, etc. etc. Essays from 3000 to 5000 words are recommended (MLA format).
Please send essays to either Martin Japtok (mjaptok@palomar.edu) or Rafiki Jenkins (jjenkins@palomar.edu) by May 15, 2016.
In case you are worried about the fate of your essay, whether, by sending it to us, it may end up in some file cabinet or musty computer drive without ever seeing the light of day or computer screen, something both editors have experienced multiple times in their careers when sending essays to CFPs for essay collections, both editors have a history of previous publication and have edited and published a collection together previously and one of the editors another collection prior to that. We will find a publisher for the collection once we have decided which essays to include.


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