I was just reading an interview on the why of there not being a strong interest in Sci Fi and Space Science by Black people. I think it is because we have been told subliminally by nearly all the Sci Fi movies to date that Black People don't exist in the future! Oh maybe one or two...but never a couple though, so more will not be produced. And our History as space faring beings is suppressed.
Why do you think the skin of Indians in India is brown? It's because they have African ancestry. All the stories in the Mahabrata, The Bhavad Gita, The Puranas etc. is our history! And that includes the accounts of their having built and flew Vimanas, ancient Spaceships.
And today our cousins moved to the front of the class in terms of Missions to Mars by doing so on their first attempt for about
$70 million dollars instead of NASA's $671 million!


So we as a race suffer from low self esteem because we don’t know of our glorious past as space travelers! And why do you think that is? What do you think would happen if Black People (actually I prefer to call us people with recent African Ancestors) were to find out that they weren’t born in trees and caves and weren’t like primitives but rather that our ancestors built spaceships and traveled to other planets?! No more low self esteem! No more putting up with crap! No more “I don’t like math and Science”. What do you think?

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