So for the past two movies that I've watched recently (The Lightning Thief and Sherlock Holmes) I actually enjoyed The Lightning Thief better.


It was a fun watch and pretty interesting.  Though, I did notice that another Black character was "crippled"....  Someone had mention that a few years back about Black characters on film either being crippled, alien, or some kind of defect.  Because of that, now I notice this.  But I liked that the young fellow turned out to be something other than "crippled."  And though he was just, again, a side character helping out the lead role, he wasn't a hinder to the movie.  I have to say that his acting could use some help, however he did have some pretty funny lines.


Overall though, I thought the movie was pretty fun. I know a lot of people put it down, but I didn't read any of the books so I could just take it as it is.


So next I'm looking forward to Clash of the Titans and even Alice in Wonderland. :)

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