Phillip Broyles is a Homeland Security Special Agent and head of the Fringe division, which was established to investigate a series of terrorist/unexplained phenomena. While Broyles comes off as professional and by-the-book, he is surprisingly flexible when it comes to dealing with the unusual circumstances of Pattern-related cases. Little is known of Broyles' past. He has been involved in the military, citing experience as a Colonel in "six wars".Broyles was once married to Diane and had children, but his obsession with a case broke up his marriage. He initially harbors resentment for Olivia as she was responsible for prosecuting his friend Sanford Harris, but comes to respect Olivia's aptitude. He knows President Obama, who he thinks dislikes him because Broyles beat him at golf.

The Other Universe version is Colonel Broyles, in charge of the alternate Fringe division and directly answering to Secretary Bishop. He is still married to Diane, and live together with her and their two children, Christopher—who suffers both physical and psychological trauma following being kidnapped—and a daughter.In the third season episode "Entrada", Colonel Broyles sacrifices himself to give time for Olivia to escape the parallel universe. His body is later mutilated and sent to the Prime Universe as a substitution of mass so that Fauxlivia may return home. Agent Broyles later examines his body and closes his eyes out of respect. Olivia makes it clear that she intends to find a solution to the conflict between the two universes without one being destroyed, as she promised Colonel Broyles she would.

In season 4, Colonel Broyles seems to be alive, which might be explained by Peter never having existed, as his kidnapping lead to the replacement of Olivia and subsequently her escape. However he appears to be in league with a now-living David Robert Jones.

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