To paraphrase the first bars in LL Cool J's Mama Said Knock You Out the "Planetoid" aka Pluto is releasing a new album...

What's interesting about this moving the goalposts concept is that if you were once taught that there was 9 planets and then told there was only 8 planets and later to be informed that it's back up to 9 planets again is it okay to throw that whole "scientific literacy" thang back in our educators collective faces?

Theories come and go but if you were "scientifically illiterate" to the 9 planets while believing in only 8 planets and had to make halftime adjustments back towards 9 planets... What if they discover a 10th planet that had been hanging out there all this time?

Wait a minute... How the heck do you know that the universe is 13.8 billion years old and can't nail down the actual title for one planet/planetoid which should be younger than the total age of that universe by default!

If you are still not sure about what Pluto is then perhaps you are still unsure about other celestial things in outer space... Any other titles or measurements you want to change before we take our exams and get an A only to downgrade to a D minus later after the correct answers are proven to be incorrect later?

The Cray Cray Creationist strikes again... OOPS my bad I should have put this in my Bang Big thread!

Carry on...

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