Okay, this has been on my mind for awhile and I don't think I've ever voiced my opinion on this but....

What's the deal with the glorification of Ancient Egypt in a lot of the black community?

There. I said it.

I don't get it, really, and I don't mean to be disrespectful, but it has always seemed to me like a lot of us really try to hang on to this as the epitome of our people's glory. While I am not saying it isn't my question is simply: Why? The Egyptians were black, yes, we know this, but they were predominantly Arab, were they not? This age old debate literally makes me cringe that I even hate going into any educational site about ancient egpyt because I know that when I get the comments, its an all out race war.

Why don't we glorifiy ancient Nubia (who no one else can claim their race) in such high esteem in the same way? I hardly ever hear anything about them, I've never read any stories about them, or seen any movies, but they were just as glorious as the Egyptians and even conquered and ruled Egypt in the 25th (right?) dynasty.

Why nothing on the Mali Empire? Songhai? Axum? Kanem-Bornu Empire? Why don't we talk more about Mansa Musa? Most people have never even heard of him.

I feel some type of way. I don't mean to down the greatness that is/was Ancient Egypt or it's people be they white, black or brown, I just feel as if there are other places more relevant to us as descendants of these people. Our history really is filled with so much gloriousness that I feel almost ashamed that I don't see more people being aware of it. It seems the main place of ancient Africa for a lot of modern day black americans is the focus on ancient Egypt?


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