Religion doesnt count in space

I know that many of yo here choose to not believe in God in a land that proclaims itself to be a religious free government.  Please put that aside as you listen to the following offerings of two different styles.  I would like to think that I have found an example of true cultural differences between Whites and Blacks in America and it is summed up in these two equally titled Baptist hymns.  

After you listen to them please continue to read


BLACK VERSION  and yes it does have soul!/s/Church+Service+Excerpt/17ooX5?src=5 

In a vacuum where all is consumed there is not place or direction that can be achieved to "face Mecca" for prayer.  One can not pray to the heavens as one is already there.  It is also further impossible to be one with everything while traveling through nothing therefore you are nothing in space until you land.  Although in Hinduism the belief that the universe is always and simultaneously in a state of endless preservation (which could be described as a vacuum), endless creation; for every sun/star that changes it allows something else to be created and of course endless dissolution can be seen as the death of a star/sun creates a black hole and this it turns in upon itself to no end. As stated the process is endless and is eternal as the vacuum itself how can one manifest itself long enough to be something while devolving in to the next state at the same time beginning - I know a complicated theory as complicated as the universe itself 

Therefore i submit in space religion does not matter discuss - you have my permission 

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