This is an exclusive opportunity open to BSFS writers for the first 60 days (ending December 24, 2014) 

Gray Sky's focus is on helping add those two most important points to a writers resume: published and paid. It is a triumph that can be elusive for some beginning writers as well as some published veterans. Building audience is frequently a daunting task if you are a self published author or a team of one creator and one cheerleader. Gray Sky is positioned to be that bridge to new audience as well as an interested, engaged audience.

Gray Sky wants to be the place where you can bring your audience to talk about your short story and have access to a world wide English speaking audience that is not yet aware of you.

Bring your "A+" game when you submit! Use fewer words to tell more story. Do not allow the professional pay scale cause you to use more filler words to tell less story. If you present your A+ work you will get an A+ response from the audience and it will encourage the staff to want to publish more of your work.      

We formally launch Feb 2015. A test pilot post will be online January 15, 2015 (Martin Luther King's Birthday), our plan is to present In The Land Of Reeds Patrick Samphire read by Cheyenne Wright from 2006 

To date we have had minimal response from the BSFS members, 

Come on BSFS'ers dont miss out on this. Expand your audience, expand your future sales 

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