A new hot negro spiritual action flick about a black sidekick of a sidekick named Wade N. D. Water!

From executive producer Jarvis "Step and Fetchin" Sheffield this is the must see movie of the week!

Wade is a low level cop being punked' out by higher up detectives but this time he has had enough and takes the law into his own hand!

Guest starring Arnold L. Johnson as Magic Negro a diabolical fiend out to deprive the community of spicy hot wings using excessive mysticism!

With Afua Richardson as Sassy Sapphire a grown @$$ woman still being called "girl" like we stuck in the backwater way past yesteryear!

Chris Crazyhouse appears as the thug gang banging drug dealing junkie because no movie is complete without that open obvious negative black stereotype!

Reginald L. Goodwin is "The Informant" who snitches on dudes player hating from the sideline while passing out deep spiritual poems on scratch paper near a deserted truck stop!

Valjeanne Jeffers plays Baby's Momma because Quinton Veal plays Baby's Daddy of course!

William Hayashi is the nameless dude that gets killed way early in the movie and sets off the chain of events that sets off Wade N. D. Water on a path of vengeance... It's a Chicago thang yaw'll just don't be knowing about Chiraq!

Depressingly sad melancholy soundtrack provided by E. Private because who needs triumphant uplifting music when you can push a viewing audience closer to teary outbursts!

Iran Harris plays The Guy Who Tries To Blow Up This Whole Movie Before It Even Gets Off The Ground! Lol

This is a public service announcement for all BSFS.com personnel...

Check your works in progress for ridiculous negative stereotypes and stop compromising black characters with dat boolshet that should have been left behind decades ago and keep it moving!

This is your last warning before the Great Purge begins and you get caught slipping and disappear under mysterious circumstances!

If you don't know by now what negative stereotypes I'm talking about you desperately need to ask somebody before you get the Drop Squad treatment!

This thread will self destruct in... AW FRAK IT just let this thread run it's course until everybody gets the message loud and clear and archive it for further research!

Big Brotha Iz Watching!!!


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