I hate it.  I did not become the Reed Richrds/T'Challa of Africa.  But, I am still going to put my two cents in anyway about science.  Now, how to prevent the volcano in the Congo from devouring a town of Congolese people?


Read this and put me a "nickel's" worth of cents in.  Now, Topograical and Geological mapping (courtesy of Nat Geo Magazine) shows two fissure points on both sides of the deadly volcano.  Is it possible to create a drainage pipe through the fissure farthest away from the Congo town and siphon off magma periodically?  This reduced stress will greatly lessen the chance of an eruption.


Now, to the lake of the town.  The gases deep in the lake must also be siphoned off by some drainage system.  This has worked before.  If the gases erupt, the town could be killed by the gas eruption.  This has been theorized before.


Now, to the unusually strategic positioning of the town to get killed off.  Is it a coincidence that the town is densely populated by people escaping violent fighting between the government and the "rebels" of the government.  I heard of out of the frying pan into the fire.  But this is ridiculous.  Any genocidal conspiracy theories to take us into the weekend?


Penny for your thoughts people.  In fact, give me nickels.  We Black Science people have a town to save!


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