I've been mourning my loss of 'Eureka' for way too long (supposedly it returns on July 10th). The SciFi channel is seriously wack! How is it possible that they would even think to air the ECW? Wrestling! Fiction? Of course, but definitely not of the scientific variety. I get more scifi pleasure watching 'Ben 10' on the Cartoon Network.The lack of good features on this channel is a severe disappointment. There is so much they could be airing - classic movies, mid century tv shows, cancelled big three shows or here's something - a real multicultural sci fi show. Where is the imagination? I think that is summed up in their 'new' name - Syfy.

That is just brain numbingly stupid!Now I have to admit that the Saturday night grade B pics are the worse ever. These are so bad, ya gotta at least watch for comedy relief (sort of like "The Terror of Tiny Town" - a western filmed with only midgets . . . damn that's a classic!). I sort of watched Thor last week and it was hilarious with Nordic werewolves and such. Beowulf was sleepier than my having to read that thing in 9th grade.What do we get from these folks? Reality shows like Scare Tactics and Ghost Hunters. Oh yeah, there's some serious speculative entertainment up in there - not! July will not only bring the return of 'Eureka!' and the name change, but also another "original" SciFi show about yet another secret government warehouse in unknown east bumf#*& America. It's like the UFO Hunters meets The X-Files meets Night Gallery meets that show with the cousins who inherit their uncle's curio shop filled with items from the devil and they have to retrieve them all (um . . . Friday the 13th?). Yup, that's Warehouse 13 in a nutshell.I'm not saying they haven't shown some winners - I'm happier than an unlocked Tardis when I get my Captain Jack and Dr. Who fix. I also know that a series certainly cannot live forever, or it becomes 'Lost'. I really miss Farscape, though. I thought it had at least 2 more seasons. The same with that crazy 'Nostradamus forecasting alien arrival' show . . . what was the name of that one? Oh, that's right - 'First Wave'!I was getting into the 'Dresden Files', since I always like movies or series based on books (although production values were a bit sad). But hey, I'm the gal who religiously watched 'Forever Knight' even though it probably should have stayed in Canada.Speaking of Canada (of which I refuse to blame, unlike South Park), the Space cable tv channel wascreated so Canadians would not get the SciFi channel. What a stroke of luck for them!I hear they show most of what we see here in the states, maybe a bit earlier - like Torchwood, Primeval, etc. I never got to see the Masters of Science Fiction mini-series first shown here on ABC. Space re-ran the series in 2007 including the Walter Mosley story 'Little Brother' that was never aired here.Has anyone here bothered to follow 'Sanctuary', the show that was introduced last October (2008)? I remember the ads, but it didn't seem to have a multicultural cast, so I wasn't interested. There's that warmed over vampire thingy 'Moonlight' that bites Forever Knight (see above). I believe WCG Ultimate Gamer and a new slew of reality shows exhibit where the channel is heading. They think their core audience is gamers and fanboys. They could not be more wrong.Okay. I'm better now. It's Netflix for me.

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