For the sake of not having my posts deleted by someone who has control of the thread let's go all in shall we...

With so many corrections made in science like when those pictures were text messaged back to Earth showing how young Pluto really is many scientists have to make immediate corrections on their findings ASAP!

Here is the problem...

When those same scientists mock or poke fun of those who doubted their earlier findings they are met with statements like this right here...

But what if you were one of those who doubted the Piltdown Man hoax?

Suppose you were one of the few that doubted the time of growth for stalactites inside of a cave?

What about the recent retractions from this study right here?

Scientists like everybody else put their pants on one leg at a time and can just as easily lie to their wives about those mysterious ear rings found on the backseat of their minivan like any other God fearing red/blue blooded cheating American man caught in the act!

Why should scientists be trusted with the truth any more than a random average embellishing Joe?

Science is littered with frauds left and right where they have to change and adjust their once absolutely positively correct calculations because like politicians and pimps they have an agenda as well!

Some science books taught to children have dead fish being fossilized at the bottom the sea but for those of us who have overfed our goldfish we "scientifically" know that dead fish float to the top of the water and if not disposed of by quick flushing of the toilet would be eaten by scavenging predators which throws a monkey wrench in that whole fossilization theory!

You are not allowed to question scientists even when they tell you black folks are inferior athletically because if they are proven incorrect later credibility flies out the window along with their degree in whatever field they swear by!

Darwin anyone???

The real truth is...

MATH is the deciding factor whenever a scientist, evolutionist, creationist, politician, dictator, super hero, super villain or other entity wants to dispute the truth!

MATH sits there with a middle finger at everybody and be like...

Math: "Listen here you agenda having people here is the truth because it all adds up and can be calculated upon with an actual calculator... Any questions I don't care the answer is already final before you were born!"

Science by definition is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.


Math: "What did you see again... Never mind sit down I got this!"

Piltdown Man: "But see what had happened was..."

Math: "DAYUM DUDE I SAID SIT DOWN... Your credibility is flushed down the toilet with the rest of your dead fish ideology!"

Bill Nye The Science Guy Changes Mind On GMO...

I wonder what else Bill Nye might change his mind on... But of course if your mind is made up and everybody else is "stupid" in your eyes that slice of humble pie is right there for you to feast on!

This just in...

National Geographic Declares War On Bill Nye For Siding With GMO... At least that is what the March 2015 issue says by default!

Bill Nye advertising his stupidity... Or is he???

Math: "Get your head in the game son!"

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