Scientists Discover Hater Gene!

Several leading scientists have discovered a unique gene that makes the host predisposed to Hatorade.

Extensive studies of various subjects who happened to be hating from the sidelines lead to this discovery that has set the science community on fire.

Different characteristics and traits have been linked to this hater gene that induces the infected to behave as if emotionally distraught at the mere slight success of others no matter how great or small.

In an attempt to cure the patients of this plague scientists have attempted to isolate the hater gene and raise it up out of there ASAP.

Neither color nor nationality has been the factor in who gets infected as the hater gene itself apparently does not discriminate by race or geographical region... Haters gonna hate.

Clinics are being commissioned to help cure the world of this hater gene so anyone who wants an inoculation needs to see somebody about that right quick and get shot... With a needle that is.

Symptoms include straight hating while laying in the cut doing nothing in particular for yourself, throwing unnecessary shade at folks who are doing it real big while putting in work and blocking... Especially when someone else is trying to make something happen in their life and you like all up in the Kool-aid and don't know the flavor dragging them down with yo crabs in da bucket @$$. 

The Hater Gene... Are you infected?

Get tested!

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