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How much science is in science fiction?  How can there be science without using "science words"?  So why not count them?  What is technology for?

For anyone interested in experimenting with science word counting in SF, Windows and Linux versions with GUI interfaces have been uploaded.  You must have Python on your computer to use them.

Linux - sfforensic_L.pyc

Windows - sfforensic_W.pyc

The input file is:  ACC.AFalloMndust.txt with 439541 characters.

   It uses 79 SF words 450 times for an SF density of 1.024

The input file is:  OSC.EndersGame.txt with 582652 characters.

   It uses 42 SF words 214 times for an SF density of 0.367

Hard SF tends to get significantly higher SF densities.

Ender's Game is 33% longer than A Fall of Moondust but uses about half as many science words less than half as often.

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