Attention all nerds, geeks and digital artists the Siggraph convention is next week in Anaheim, California just around the corner from Disneyland!

Any software company worth it's own weight in polygons should be there on full demo display!

Once again I'll probably be silently head counting the number of black folks I won't see there if I go this year but I may end up training some kids at a basketball camp and unable to sneak away... Ronald hurry up and fix my teleportation device ASAP!

Everything from 3D printers to drawing tablets will be there for testing and it should give you a good idea of what is up and coming in the industry!

Last year when I saw how the Zbrush and the Lightwave booths had the most onlookers during live demos I knew I had a winning combination... That and the movie Avatar used both for creature creation and virtual layout!

Although there is usually expensive high end motion capture technology on exhibit one can actually use an Xbox Kinect with various compatible software for projects!

If I go I'll keep you posted but that is depending upon the number of coaches that show up for the basketball camp!

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