Hello, we are Back Gallery Project, based in Vancouver, Canada. This May, we will be showcasing an exhibition titled as "The Making of the X-Files" in collaboration with the director of the show, and a long time gallery friend, Chris Carter. (http://www.backgalleryproject.com/)
Starting from Mid-April, we have been hosting a series of silent auctions for the exhibited props (mostly from Mulder's office) along with the TV show's collector edition memorabilia all from the director, Chris Carter's personal collection.

The first set of our silent auction was successfully completed! Those who missed out, no worreis, the second auction series is happening right now until April 21st. Some of the featured items are: Mulder's basketball trophy, the filed plotter, crews' hoodie, and many more :)

Here's the link to our auction site: https://www.32auctions.com/BGPXFILES2
Hope to see as many of the X-Files fans there

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