Misspelling intentional.


But yo as I'm guessing some of you might be up on the flick as some sorta zombie type flick, right?

but it's really about how a small town begins to deteriorate and how the military intervenes and orchestrates the clean up.

and then in between that people tryna escape the military and of the course "the crazies".

i was real interested in it because i always wanna see how the zombie apocalypse goes down.
like who let em out?
why was yall playin with them in the first place, etc.

most of the zombie lore happens after the zombies done overran shit.

like that woody harrelson jawn zombieland.

movie come on.
zombies everywhere.

i be like where they come from?

the other thing about the crazies is they weren't zombies yet.
they just were trippin ass people exposed to some type of ole other shitt.

so they could run.
and move fast.
and it wasn't no telling if they wanted to eat brains or people.

yo, i ont like fast running zombies.
gimme a hordes of hundreds decomposing but slow moving zombies.

if they do a sequel, i hope thats the direction they go.

it was crazy because nowhere was it advertised as a zombie picture. i just saw the trailer and figured it was my type of hype.

then when the movie go off the first credit you see is.

i was like ahhh. no wonder. that's why i liked this movie.

yeah man, worth a gander on the big screen.
it gets repetitive, but i still like it.

they definitely had a bigger budget than something like LEGION.

the director was former Disney chief, Michael Eisner's son Brock Eisner if I'm not mistaken.
plus this film was released on the same day as COP OUT.
but you ain't see no posters all over the place so that means they were able to save some of that money from print and advertising and devote it to more locations and more explosions.

which were aplenty. specially at the end.

but this is was a solid entry into the Yeah But Where Do Zombies Really Come From genre.


very potnent.

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