This found its way to my Facebook page. The wife and I are participating. Thought it might be something someone in the community here might like to pitch in on.


If you do a people search for Ky-Phong Paul Tran you'll find the original post.

CHANGE-A-LIFE” BOOK DRIVE/MY BIRTHDAY WISH:   Dear friends and families,   Do you remember that one book? The one that changed your life or maybe even saved it? Books like The Things They Carried or ...

The God of Small Things or Amulet or classics like Things Fall Apart and The Sun Also Rises? Well, my students at our South Central Los Angeles high school CAN’T because we DON’T have a school library! On September 6, I will turn 37 years old and my birthday wish is that you donate a book to my school and creative writing students. I know they want to read more because in just two days since I brought my own books to school and summarized/glamourized their plots over 10 students have asked to check out books, which is more than all of last year! So how can you help? A) Look around your house and send a lonely, neglected, or beloved book or B) go to an online bookstore and send your favorite book. Choice A) costs you postage and about 20 minutes. Choice B) will cost you about $5 and 5 minutes.
Please send books to Mr. Tran at Burton Academy located at 10101 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90003.
Google Map our address and it’s urban decay at its worst: empty lots from the 1992 riots, abandoned mattresses and couches, dumped garbage. Our school is a refuge, but so is the book YOU donate. In 2010, I ran the LA Marathon to honor my mom and my facebook family helped me raise over $3000 for the American Heart Association. In 2012, I’m hoping 17% of my 644 facebook friends donates a book and we “raise” at least 100 books by September 6. Of course, you can always send more than one as well. The countdown begins now. 15 days left.
And you writer people out there, yes, I do have higher expectations for you. Avid readers and teachers, you too. As well as my one librarian friend. And for the many published writers reading this, you ABSOLUTELY have to send your book cause the students just think I'm the coolest when I say I know the author personally. 15 days left . Get. On. It. (I’ll update the book count daily.)
In gratitude,
Mr. Ky-Phong Paul Tran  
Creative Writing Teacher  
Journalism Advisor  
Judy Ivey Burton Academy

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