Incus is going to try something different with BSFS. Instead of just making some in-house only and then judging on final project done. I would like to ask BSFS on what is thinks on the design of Steam Machine Poster design. This is *NOT* the final design piece, but  I would like for you guys to let Incus know (Which is me William Smith and few others.) what's working and whats not! I'm doing this because this type of technology is something that our people don't look at hardly really, and we wounder why there is a technology gap for us! Also for the future of Incus Interactive Productions LLC, it's very important, as we are

a hardware OEM for this system, we are learning about component cost's, the best component makers, heavy adverting (Online and Offline, T.V, radio, and more!), money sourcing, and more. 

So this would be of great help to us, as adverting for this machine is crucial (No pun intended!) since no one locally really knows what Steam, and Steam Machines are!! (Please Keep in mind that this is ***NOT*** the final design).

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