Steven Barnes' Free Writing Class!

What follows is, in slightly modified form, the complete text of the 9-week writing class I've taught for years at UCLA. To my knowledge it is the only completely free program of its depth and scope available on the WWW.

I would suggest that you download it all, and take the lessons one week at a time, writing your butts off. The information is dense and very, very real. Time-tested and true.

Why am I giving this away? Well, partially just to make friends, but also because I have an obligation to give it away, 'cause all of the information was given to me by others.

If you like it, tell your friends where to find it. If you feel incredibly appreciative, and simply must thank me, buy my books, stacks of 'em, and give 'em away for every holiday that comes along, and some you make up.

And if you want more when you're done with this class, take a look at my Lifewriting for Writers program! Enjoy!

Steven Barnes

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