Hard to believe it was back in '85 when I saw the unbelievable. A Black Woman on the cover of a mainstream comic book wielding the power of a god! But it really did happen and that character was Ororo Munroe far better known as the Mutant Superhero: Storm. I've mentioned it here and in my real-world conversations and all too often I get looks like someone talking about Bigfoot or UFO's. But it happened and despite the event being lost to time, I never forgot.

The reason such a thing occurred was due to the usual machinations of the God Loki attempting to take over Asgard and destroy his brother Thor. Using an ingenious twist of tactics, he brought the Mutant superhero groups X-Men and others to Asgard in an effort to secure his intended target Storm under his influence. Loki had a hammer forged which would rival Thor's and offered it to Storm if she helped 'save' Asgard and thus her mutant fellows. Reluctantly, she agreed and was slowly seduced by the power given to her which she had previously lost. With the hammer 'Stormcaster' in hand, she became the Goddess of Thunder. Eventually, she threw off Loki's influence and returned both the hammer and the title in exchange to be returned to Midgard (earth.)

She didn't hold the title long and eventually regained her formidable innate powers, but it was damn fun for a minute watching white dudes fume at the very prospect of a black goddess and a damn powerful one at that! It would seem there may be the potential for her to retake the title as the Hammer Stormcaster has been returned to Storm by Thor after finding it in the ruins of Asgard. It would be nice if she could take up the mantle again but this time not fall under the hammer's evil influence. She would finally be able to step out of Jean Grey's annoying shadow as one of the most powerful mutants in existence. One can only hope....

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