Flame Tree Publishing are delighted to announce a new call for submissions which is now open! We are looking for twelve to twenty short stories by black contemporary writers to complement a small selection of core classic tales by early black writers of speculative fiction. Check out the announcement here for full details about the book and how to submit a story:


The book has now gone to print, yay! Keep an eye out for its release in mid-April 2021 in the UK and mid-June 2021 in the US!



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  • Mixed race has no chance I guess. I am Asian and Welsh. I grew up in a 90% black neighborhood and had more black friends than any other type. I also became a blues artist from the age of 11 because I love the music and where it came from. I have written and self published over 100 books without ever using my race or skin hue to sell a book.
    • Hi Thomas! The book has gone to print now, but yes this particular title was aimed at those who identify as 'black' – historically black people have generally found themselves most harmed or most sidelined/underrepresented through racism. However, that is not to say that other races or ethnicities do not suffer or deserve representation, and our aim as a publisher must be to increase opportunity and representation of all people wherever we can. This is just one project, a step in the right direction, which I hope leads to other similar titles and of course ultimately to a world where we should not need to single out any group of people – as you say, the idea should not be to 'use race or skin hue' to sell books.
  • Is this still real? I write. I publish. Let's talk? Wiki my name. Turtel Onli
    • Hi Turtel. So nice to hear from you! The book is real, and has already gone to print. It's due out in April in the UK and June in the US. Check it out on Amazon or our website: https://www.flametreepublishing.com/black-sci-fi-short-stories-isbn...
      We've published many titles in this series of anthologies that combine new and classic work, but there is always scope for more, and hopefully more focus on black sci-fi or fantasy and women. Possibly more classic collections rather than new works. We also publish calendars and stationery. Our programme is somewhat uncertain in these times but I'm at cat@flametreepublishing.com if you ever want to chat.
      Black Sci-Fi Short Stories - Flame Tree Publishing
      New stories from modern black writers, many published here for the first time, explore the themes of science fiction: discovery, time-travel, genetics
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