Tell me who I am is an exiting new animated video series with original stories and songs that will inspire your entire family! In the first episode, The Journey Begins, travel back in time to 14th century Timbuktu where Nia, a courageous young princess, and her comical, high-spirited pet, Funzi the Fuzzwuzz, escape an attack by the evil Komo. Their adventurous journey in a pyramid-shaped timeship takes them to 20th century America where they meet Kwame and Manny--two boys trying desperately to stay focused on a class science project. The boys promise to help Nia and Funzi return home to rescue her parents...but they must first outsmart the evil Komo who has concocted a scheme to gain control of a precious medallion which Nia has vowed to protect! For guidance, Funzi and friends call up the wisdom of the great Imhotep who helps them to discover their power within. Tell Me Who I Am contains music children love, messages parents appreciate and a galaxy of stars including: Brook Peters from Roots II and Star Trek VI as the voice of Imhotep. Bumper Robinson from A Different World and Living Single as the voice of Funzi. Camille Winbush from Minor Adjustments as the voice of Nia. Come explore the wonders of the universe, the power of history and the excitement of endless The Journey Begins!

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